Rescuing Lucy: One Staffordshire Terrier's Story

I would like to introduce you to Lucy, a female Staffordshire Terrier thought to be about four years old.
My sister, Tracy and her boyfriend, Rob, rescued Lucy from the local SPCA of Hancock County here in Trenton, Maine. She was there because someone had left her behind at a camp sometime toward the end of the summer. It was surmised that she had been fending for herself for about four months. Then, understandably, it took a little while to gain her trust in order to get her to safety, fed properly and seen to by a vet.

Tracy and Rob had just lost their long time companions, Megan and Chelsea, just a few months prior. The house felt empty without a canine family member. Off to Trenton they went! Even though Lucy's breed has an unfortunate reputation, Tracy and Rob were powerfully drawn to her because of her sweet nature and loving disposition. So, they brought her home and have been working to make her feel safe and secure for about six weeks now.

Yesterday, I went over to Tracy's to have a lunch date, take a walk, and then to do a Reconnective Healing session with her. Tracy opted to get comfy in her recliner rather than to climb up on my healing table.
Lucy Feeling the Frequencies
No sooner did she sit down than Lucy hopped up onto her lap as if she were a 13 pound lap dog and not the 55 pound medium sized dog that she is! So, we decided to include Lucy in the healing session. She burrowed into the blanket and snuffled and huffled her way into what seemed to be a pretty deep sleep. After a good fifteen minutes or so, she sat up with wide eyes and just stared at me. She was licking her chops and her nose was moist. Her eyes seemed softened somehow. (All the while I was working with her, I was feeling all manner of doggy-energy-information from her. With this work, you get what you get. It can't be predicted or promised. You just never know.) After a little while longer, she hopped down off the chair and sat down right in front of me. She became very, very still and soon she was gazing directly into my eyes. She looked like a statue. When she walked over to me, I squatted down. My hands were still splayed out from each other as the frequencies were still quite palpable to me. Lucy burrowed her nose into my left hand and then turned her body around and backed right up into my body, leaned her head against my chest and heaved a huge sigh. Then she tilted her head up toward my face and planted one big, huge doggy kiss on my nose!
Something about Lucy seemed shifted, calmer, soothed. Tracy said, "If I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it!" 

We are very interested to observe the subtle, positive changes that unfold for Lucy as she continues to settle into her new, loving family. I just spoke with Tracy and she had this to say, "She keeps looking at me with those appreciative eyes as if she understands I won't leave her. She just seems so much more relaxed. When I left for work today, she didn't follow me to the door nervously like she has done before."

Walking With Lucy in Hancock, Maine

All photos by McCall Erickson © 2016

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