Sunday, March 8, 2020

Your Power of Expression

My processing of my own human foibles is ongoing. Still I wonder at the pull of divinity within that fairly feels to push, poke and prod me in uncomfortable directions. I claim to want to be of service, then I balk when service literally rings in my ears. I know I am not alone in this wrangling with my personality self. So, it is for my fellow squirmers I share today’s messages including the above LightCode. 

It begins with my clearing my head by allowing myself to spew my worries, doubts and fears. That sounds like this:

Free form energies pulsate and echo ringing through my ears. Ever present cacophony of noise noise noise Frequency Channels Energy Plasma Liquid Light Code

How do I hone and tune in? Why? So many channels available and open. What’s my role? I just want to hide. Maybe my HumanSelf needs an answer, some answers, direction, evidence of the personal point. Or am I just adding to the ether and does that matter in the long run? Or is the energy of it all enough? What am I looking for anyway?

(This is when the HigherSelf Energy Stream feels to kick in.)

The Purpose IS the Light Body Process (See for more information on this term and how it unfolds in our energy systems as it pertains to any LightWarrior, Starseed, Healer, Channeler, etc.) for the clarity of the signal, the Vibration, the Frequency, the Channel. YOU are FineTuning the signal via the LBP. This is as Individual as Your Human Personality is Individual. Your Power of Expression is the Unique Flare Flavor of preference, which appeals to Some and not Others, just like with Art Forms. What One likes, another loathes. This is the Human Experience. So, in Awakening to Awareness of the More that You ALL are, Variety is required. Variety of Expression and the FlowFlux of output is required. The More that goes out, the more individual personalities are touched, reached, affected by the seeds planted. You cannot fully know from your Boots On The Ground perspective where your Light goes. WE DO! That’s our AdVantage Point!

Your LightCodes in ArtCode Form carry a VERY HIGH FREQUENCY which is why You feel so wonky with it. We Encode multidimensional signals in those so-called squiggles. They are activations as well. The ringing tones you hear are Keytones that carry Information (In Form Station: you are tuned to this station where we channel the Keytones of information, energy and light which is why you resonate with Reconnective Healing so well because that is all about quantum multidimensional energy, light and information).

Be Bold NOW, Comrade. Share Share Share Trust Trust Trust Let Go Let Go Let Go
Your HigherSelf aligns to your LowerSelf
Your SpiritSelf aligns to your HumanSelf
Your SoulSelf aligns to your PersonalitySelf

In this Flow is How we Grow.

Sunday, December 8, 2019


“I call upon my I Am Presence, my Higher Self in the 6th Dimension and my team in spirit of the highest light and resonance to witness, support and activate this decree. Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. I have been preparing for many lifetimes for this time. This time of awakening. This time of shift from darkness to light. Separation to reunification. Confusion to clarity. And I deeply thank you for your supportive, healing and empowering presence. Assist me in realigning with truth and sovereignty. I am here on behalf of myself, my ancestors, soul family, my star brothers and sisters. I ask that this decree be activated across all space and time all dimensions, all timelines…….

I hereby release anything that is not truth, that is out of alignment with my true nature and path. I release all bindings of falsehood and deception. A clearing and cleansing of all errors within any lifetime that has allowed falsehood and deception to manifest through my thoughts, perceptions, choices, words, lifestyle, deeds and behaviour. I ask for a cleansing, forgiveness and release of any binding karma where I have:

Followed my lower ego desires and impulses over the gentle guidance of Spirit. Brought others into bondage or limitation. Discouraged others to follow their heart and true path. Used lies and underhandedness, placed blame and suspicion on others, dominated, intimidated and manipulated others. Used anger and confusion to control others. Adopted stubbornness, pride, arrogance and argumentativeness. Distorted or misrepresented the words and actions of others to make myself look good. Falsely accused others, discouraged, criticized and blocked others through my words and actions. Intimidated others through fear or anger. Sought to step on others to get what I wanted. Unconsciously followed the desires of the flesh, engaged in sexual immorality and perversion in any of its forms, and manipulated others through sexual energy. Allowed a desire for material wealth or status to turn me away from the light and my true path. Or turn others away from the light and their true path.

I ask for a cleansing, forgiveness and release of any binding karma where I have:

Abused my authority and leadership.
Abused my gifts and talents.
Distorted Holy teachings.
Argued for dogma and tradition instead of Divine Revelation. 
Opposed the work of the light and obstructed the flow of the Higher Will.
Rebelled against flow of Spirit and the true teachings of those sent by Spirit. 
Encouraged others to rebel against the light. Sought to destroy or oppose those sent by Spirit, Avatars, masters, teachers, leaders, channels, prophets, messengers or angels. Sought to destroy or oppose any authority-structure that was of the light. 
Worshipped false idols and false teachers, evoked demonic entities in myself or others, invoked or followed or allowed Grey or Black Magicians to do their work. 
Controlled others through religious dogma, rituals, empty prayers, empty promises, empty declarations. 
Hid the truth and true teachings or knowledge from myself and those around me.

God/Goddess All That Is, and my I Am Presence, I ask for a deep cleansing, forgiveness and release from all of such errors and times I have strayed from the path, both known and unknown. Release me from any choice I have ever made to rebel from the light. Release me from all ignorance, pride and arrogance, control and manipulation, wrong associations, false motives and hidden ego agendas. I ask for a deep cleansing, forgiveness and release anywhere I have interfered with the true path and connection to Source in another. I ask for a deep cleansing, forgiveness and release from:

1. All entities and energies not aligned with the light,
2. All entities and energies on my bloodlines not aligned with the light,
3. All false teachings and false paths.

I call upon the Elohim of Grace, Harmony, Love, Purity, Liberty, Victory and my I Am Presence, cleanse my heart, soul and mind of all karmic burdens that can now be released with ease and grace. I ask that any lower vibrational thoughts or emotions I have ever generated or harboured be transmuted by Source. Remove any and all associated curses and spells including the:

1. Curse of terror,
2. Curse of malice,
3. Curse of violence,
4. Curse of toxic shame,
5. Curse of possession,
6. Curse of suffering,
7. Curse of persecution,
8. Curse of illness,
9. Curse of slavery,
10. Curse of incest,
11. Curse of misfortune.

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. I cancel and negate any interference seeking to limit my light or to distort or delay the fulfillment of my soul purpose. I ask for assistance in healing, transmuting, and transcending all fear, limitation, separation, and amnesia preventing me from embodying my full power, love and wisdom. 

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. I invoke all agreements made that no longer serve me on my path of ascension as well as all contracts and agreements made under duress and trickery. I declare all such contracts null and void. I ask this be done through all minds, all dimensions, all incarnations, all timelines. Removing any backup or recreation programming. 

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. I call upon Archangel Michael to cut all cords connected to the energies of falsehood, deception, manipulation and interference and all associated lower astral, satanic and demonic energies and entities. I release now all cords to the cleansing burning light of the archangels and Elohim. And seal my energy fields in a protective healing fire. In this fire close any openings in my field. I call upon my I Am Presence, to cancel all worship and agreements to false light beings or teachers, grey or black magicians, connections to any dark, satanic or demonic beings that has occurred through any lifetime or through the deeds of any bloodline and any of my ancestors. 

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. I now assert sovereignty over my physical body, my energy fields, my energetic vibration, all resulting emanations and my channel of light connecting me to my Higher Self. In this moment, I choose only to interact only with the most benevolent, service-to-others beings and groups. I call upon my I Am Presence, through my Higher Self, to guide and assist me in embodying, and enacting 100 percent sovereignty over my energy and reality in accordance with my chosen purpose, goals, and intentions for this lifetime. 

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. May this blessing reach backwards and also forward along my bloodlines releasing my ancestors and descendants from any torment. May this blessing radiate out to my soul family. May this blessing ripple out and assist all my Starseed brothers and sisters.

Thank you, for this blessing of grace. 

It is done. It is done. It is done.”

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

It's In The Cards

A Soul Healing Journey

As we lean into the the beauty that is the Divinity that we are, we are called upon to hold tensions that vibrate through our bodies in wave after wave of downloads for the purpose of our human evolution. This is not easy and is often painful to our physicality. We get confused. We feel alone. We wonder WTactualF is going on! We think we are sick or unwell. We believe we need HELP but wonder where to actually find it. 

This is all part of our Journey.

You may find help with alternative medicine.
You may find help through body work.
You may find help through a well written book.
You may find help from energy healing.
You may find help through a channeled message.
You may find help through an Akashic reader.
You may find help in amazing educational workshops.
You may find help just by staying in bed and reading the latest book club novel.
You may find help hiking a mountain or sitting on the shore.

All of these things are SoulMeant to guide you to a greater attunement to your own SoulKnowing and to support you as you learn how to navigate the ever increasing energy waves pulsating our way to hold us to the Truth of Who and What we are...Divine Beings of Light. As Light increases on this magnificent planet, we collaborate with All-That-Is as one sparklight of the One and when we join together in the Quantum Unified Field, our insights and Knowingness grows brighter. We are not alone! We have never been alone, even and especially when we truly believed we were. 

We share what we learn thereby opening ourselves to learn more. We traverse tragedy. We wallow in emotional mire until we climb out and hose ourselves off. We are grateful when someone steps up and offers, "Here. Let me help you with that," and uses warm water instead of cold muddy bilge water.

You know what to do.
Trust YOU! 
Trust your Soul.
Remember...we're in this thing together!

It's In The Cards! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Galactic Tree of Life

Galactic Tree of Life
Created in collaboration with celestial energies
Interested in tuning into frequencies that coalesce with your soul expansion?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

On the Heels of Healing

Often in this life I have cried and supplicated the unseen, "Why me, Lord?" Too much suffering. Too much loss. So much grief shackled by debilitating physical limitations and mind squeezing depression when it was impossible to rub two thoughts together without my internal wires sizzling into an all systems shut down. (Sufferers of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome along with scores of other disorders, ailments and afflictions can certainly attest to the truth of this physical manifestation of dis-ease, unwellness, and pain.)

Healing, inside, outside, over and under, challenges us to feel from a deeper place within. For me, this has been about realizing a closer alignment with my True-self, the Divine as me in this body, to the Higher-self that is also Me. Closer alignment brings with it the gifts of Knowingness, and discovering what that means is learning to trust that Knowing more quickly until it becomes instantaneous. It's an in-THE-moment kind of thing. Learning to make the allowance to BE fully human and learn from that CHOICE in every presentiment is an opportunity to NOT forget the Realm of Otherness that is actually my Home, your Home, OUR Home.

We are HERE for a REASON even when we don't remember what that reason is. Love is the Energy that propels us and fuels the momentum to fully realize our purpose. So, when we meet face to face, heart to heart, soul to soul, sometimes we know that we are meeting in the spaces between the Here and the There. Sometimes we don't. "We are here "is a very real thing that our soul requested. "We are here" is a very real opportunity to grow. We are here. Here is there. There is here, and if you are feeling conflicted, convoluted, flustered and confuseled, you are not alone. We're in this Together. Being pulled by the divinity within into the swirl for the sake of healing can really knock a person galley west!

Why not consider this? The thin veil between Here and There is merely a gossamer curtain shimmering in the half light between awake and asleep where we hold each other in tender regard in the ever present flow that is the fluidity of the NowMoment. We do this Tao and Zen...or Now and Then, for those of you not yet familiar with my penchant for word play!

This one's for you, Mom. Thanks for pushing your beautiful face through that thin gossamer veil last night. You are the inspiration for this post. I love you.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Step into the Light of who you truly are.
Walk away from the confines of fear
onto the path that is the Divine Truth  of
who you really are, have been, and always will be.

If you walk in fear, fear will surround you, walk with you, and keep you company. Fear will gladly whisper in your ear all day and all night. Why not align to the truth of who you really are? Discover your own divine light and more fully embrace it. Then lean into the fear with the Light that you are. In this Becoming, lies are scattered, shattered, dissolved. The illusions of separation from your connection to the Divine melt away like a dense fog penetrated then dissipated by the power of the sun.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

How We Grow

photo by hwmaclean ©
How We Grow
by McCall Erickson

How We Grow. This path. That path. Your path. My path. Our path. Together or apart, how we grow resonates from within our soul DNA. How we listen, intuit, or divine is through multisensory perception...even when, maybe especially when, we don't know it. Music is one multisensory perception that works quite well for me, and there are some songwriters who have intimate relationships with the Muse of Song and cocreate through a portal of mystery. McCall is one such MysticSoul.